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Monitoring MacBook temperature

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I have been having issues with my Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro - as the notebook heats up, the LCD display starts to die. Initially the display would glitch - black bars or lines of dead pixels would appear at the bottom of the display,. Then these dead portions start to “jump” causing the display to flicker. The glitches progressively affect a larger and larger portion of display, until the display gives up and just just goes blank! Perhaps the flexgate design flaw with the ribbon cable between the motherboard and display...

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Setting up a Wireless Repeater using DD-WRT v3.0


I wanted to re-purpose an old Linksys WRT54GL by overwriting its firmware with the open source DD-WRT firmware, because the original Linksys firmware does not support a wireless repeater setup. A Wireless Repeater is used to “extend” the range of a primary wireless router by connecting a secondary wireless router (i.e. bridging), and routing Internet-bound traffic via the primary router. Here is how I got it working.

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Quite the year... for silicon


We will remember 2020 for all the wrong reasons, but on a lighter note, 2020 has been quite the year… for silicon!

  • The incredible performance of Apple’s M1 and A14 (@ 5m).
  • AMD crushing Intel with its Ryzen 5000 series CPUs (@ 7nm).
  • The neck-and-neck race between the AMD Radeon (@ 7nm) and Nvidia RTX.
  • The launch of next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony.
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iOS Shortcut to Join Cisco WebEx

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Here is a quick iOS Shortcut to join Cisco WebEx personal rooms by email name. In my organization, once logged in to Cisco WebEx, we can join a colleague’s personal meeting room just by his or her email name. Here is a shortcut to either:

  • Launch WebEx for the contact from the Contacts App share sheet,
  • Or just run the shortcut to select email to launch WebEx.
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Hide Firefox Toolbar and Tabs in Fullscreen

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I use macOS spaces (virtual desktops) to arrange the various apps I frequently use. I have one space setup with two Firefox windows, in fullscreen Split View mode. But by default, Firefox windows are not really “full screen” for me, in that the tabs, toolbar and bookmarks bar will still be displayed. Here is my workaround to force the browser to full screen.

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