May I present to you: my second LEGO Space MOC, the Blacktron Star Fighter! This is an alternate build using only parts from set 40580: Blacktron Cruiser.

Also check out my first LEGO Space MOC, System Explorer, combining 70821 + 70841.

Blacktron Star Fighter Alt Build

The official build is a throwback to the original 6894: Blacktron Invader, from 1987. But, I am really dissatisfied with its tubular shape and wings that face the “wrong” way, so much so that I didn’t bother to build it. But I have now designed an alternate build!

myByways Blacktron Star Fighter MOC

  • A sleek fighter with a tapered body and a nice top-down silhouette.
  • Retain the assistant robot (with one modification).
  • And like the original, the robot can be stashed in a storage compartment.
  • I my solution to “fill” the long nose and how I connected the under-carriage cannon. The downside is the “loss” of the metal detector.
  • All remaining pieces incorporated into a launch platform side build, with hooks for the hammer, wrench, and spare parts.
  • A build using 100% parts, including spares!

The red and yellow stripe and thrusters are inspired by Luke_Bricks’ XL 15 Blacktron Cruiser MOC

Accurate angles in Bricklink Studio 2.0

Using Bricklink Studio 2.0 the second time around was easier, except I kept trying to guess the hinge angles for the tapered fuselage. That’s dumb... instead just “trig the s--t out of it” (to mangle the oft quoted line from The Martian by Andy Weir)

Lego Hinge Angle Calculation

Any calculator will do, I used, but FYI the is a LEGO Angles Chart for standard pieces. In my case:

  • height a = 2 studs,
  • length b = 11 studs,
  • therefore, angle = 10.305°

To chuck that into Studio accurately:

  1. Click on the whole hinge
  2. Then hover over the tool icon to expand it and click the hinge icon (the last ^ one)
  3. Now, click on one of the two sections of the hinge to rotate
  4. And again, hover over the tool icon and click the rotation icon (the first one)
  5. Then, click on the arrow representing the direction of rotation (when it is highlighted in red) - but do not drag or adjust it
  6. Finally, click on the text box and edit the angle directly. One final tip: feel free to use negative numbers like below:

Bricklink Studio 2.0 Hinge Angle Input