Using Workflow App to Track Travel Expenses

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Apple acquired Workflow today, and Workflow is now free in the App Store! Workflow ( a powerful yet simple rule-based automation tool. One pre-built workflow is to lookup your next calendar meeting, retrieve the location if there is one, and pop up directions in Maps - all this from a single button click.

If you are new to Workflow, here is a short tutorial to use Workflow to track travel expenses.

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Creating a macOS Sandbox to run Kodi

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Since 2012, all apps on the Mac App Store must run in an app sandbox, which restricts access to system resources unless explicitly required. The secure sandbox isolates the app and defines access controls, protecting users from malicious code with undesired behaviour.

Here's how to setup a sandbox for an app downloaded from outside the Mac App Store.

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AssistiveTouch Customisation on iOS 9

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I, like many other iPhone users, turn on AssistiveTouch so that I don't have to press the Home button. Historically, this button has been quick to fail, so using the on-screen icon will save some wear-and-tear. And with iOS 9, AssistiveTouch has become customizable! Shocking (for Apple, not much is customizable)!

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