The Magnifier seems like it'd be useful. Here's how to setup the Home button Triple-click with multiple Accessibility Shortcuts and to avoid physically triple-clicking the Home button with the AssistiveTouch floating Home button.

You could check out my previous post to enable AssistiveTouch, specifically Zoom.

In summary, turn it on from Settings General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and then Customize Top Level Menu... I've added shortcuts to my frequently used actions, and the key one to add is Triple-Click. So now, my AssistiveTouch menu will look like this:

AssistiveTouch Customization

(In case you don't know, the alterantive way to trigger these functions require lots of home button presses, i.e.Siri = press and hold the home button, multi-tasking = double click the home button, screenshot = home + power button, triple-click = triple click the home button, duh)

Next, enable Magnifier in Accessibility > Maginifier. I turned on Auto-Brightness as well.

Finally, go to Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut. You'll see Magnifier aldready included by default (and also greyed out). Now Triple-Click Home (either via the shortcut or physical button) and you'll get this menu:

AssistiveTouch Triple-Click menu with Magnifier

I also add:

  • Zoom - I don't actually Zoom, but actually enable the Low Light Zoom Filter to dim the entire screen for night use
  • Assistive Touch - as a shortcut to temporarily be rid of the floating Home button when it's in the way.

There is now a new and better way to enable Greyscale under Display Accommodations instead of via Zoom, then add Color Filters, along with Invert Colors and Reduce White Point if useful.


The buttons at the bottom of the magnifier need a bit of explaining too (top then, left to right):

Magnifier controls

  • Zoom (or pinch-to-zoom)
  • Flash
  • Focus lock
  • Big shutter button that does not save a photo but simply freezes what you see. After a while goes full screen and you can then zoom in
  • Editing controls
    • color filters
    • brightness
    • contrast
    • invert
    • and a button to close the editing controls and return to the magnifier