Numbers has a new STOCK trick


Remember the time I waxed lyrical about using Google Sheets to track my stock portfolio? Well, it's going to be a "standard feature" of spreadsheets soon, with the introduction of the capability to retrieve stock data with today's update of Numbers on iOS (3.1) and macOS (4.1).

The STOCK function takes a symbol and provides data like price ("price" or 0), name of the company ("name" or 1), change in stock's price in the last day (2), EPS (21), and PE (23). A "My Stocks" template is provided to get you going on both iOS and macOS.

=STOCK("AAPL", "price")

Numbers My Stocks template

Numbers can also retrieve the exchange rate with CURRENCY and CURRENCYH. With both functions, data is provided by Yahoo.

Google Sheet's equivalent GOOGLEFINANCE function still has the edge because it can easily retrieve a range of historical data. In addition, Sheets can plot this data in a single cell (not as a separate chart) using the SPARKLINE function. See my previous post, Stock portfolio tracking with Google Sheets. The same function also does double duty to retrieve exchange rates, i.e. GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:USDEUR")

Excel lacks a simple built-in method to retrieve stock or exchange rate data (although it is still possible), but does support Sparklines.