Horrible Spotlight "Suggestions in Look up" feature in iOS 10


I've stumbled on another "feature" that iOS 10 has mangled - SpotlightSuggestions in Look up. What does this double speak even mean? Worse, I can't even get rid of "Look Up" and revert my beloved "Define".

Let me explain: In iOS 9, selecting a word in a input field, or in iBooks for example, would popup a menu with Define as one of the options. Obviously, this would give me the definition of the word from one or more of the included off-line dictionaries. Just one tap, and if only dictionary is in use, the definition is displayed full screen. Easy.

iOS9 Dictionary search using Define menu

With iOS 10, this is replaced with a Look Up feature that requires the Internet. It is supposed to "suggest results from the Web, iTunes, App Store, film showtimes, nearby locations and more when you search or when you use Look Up.".

iOS 10 Look Up popup menu

But in my experience it pops up irrelevant information all the time. Just look at this screen shot - what do these movie got to do with anything? Having the option to "Search the Web" is enough, as Google provides much better contextual search and informational results.

iOS 10 Look Up results with Suggestions enabled

You can disable this Look Up though. Go to SettingsGeneral > Spotlight Search and disable Suggestions in Look Up. While there you may also consider disabling the similar Suggestions in Search.

But as you can see, now we get just the off-line dictionary entry, but the UI is still the stupid card that does not fill available screen space! Why?

iOS 10 Look Up dictionary definition with Suggestions disabled

Seriously, the card paradigm is just a poor imitation of Google's Material Design in Android. Just poorly implemented in that it's static information that you can't swipe to dismiss, re-order or interact with in any useful way).

This is just a small example of a poorly thought out "feature" - it's not smart, it's not clear ("Define" was exact and succint) and it's not a well designed UI. It's only function is to push iTunes.

Seems that Apple's new marketing slogan with iOS 10, instead of "Simple and Elegant", is "Complex and Ugly". iMessage is the prime example and this yet another a small but annoying instance.