Fix mechanical keyboard keys 1678923450


I suddenly experienced a strange issue today - the row of number keys on my 1stPlayer DK 5.0 Lite mechanical keyboard, i.e. the keys from 2 to 9, would output the wrong number! Specifically, hitting all numeric keys in order would output 1678923450 instead of 1234567890. This happend while gaming and I have no idea what caused it.

Factory Reset

A reboot did not solve the problem, nor did fiddling with the keyboard macro app (I tried changing profiles, re-programming macros, removing macros altogether, as well as hitting the Restore button).

After some frantic Google-ing, I found that other people fixed it by resetting the keyboard. On my keyboard this is Fn+Esc pressed together.

Function Keys

1stPlayer do not share their manuals online, in fact their product page has a “User Manual” button that literally does nothing (it’s javascript:void(0)) Since I do not want to go digging for the hardcopy manual again, here are the important keystrokes:

Fn+EscReset to factory default
Fn+WinToggle the Windows key (disable and re-enable)
Fn+PrtScRGB off
Fn+InsCycle through 13 RGB effects
Fn+DelCycle through 8 RGB backlights (depends on selected effect)
Fn+1 to 5Select a customised RGB colour profile (cancels RGB effects)
Fn+ and Fn+Backlight brightness
Fn+ and Fn+RGB effect speed
Fn+F1Music player
Fn+F2Volume down
Fn+F3Volume up
Fn+F5Previous media
Fn+F6Next media
Fn+F7Pause / Resume
Fn+F10Browser (home)

Setup customised colour profiles (aka Game Mode)

To set the color on key via the keyboard only:

  1. Select a profile, by pressing Fn+1 to Fn+5 respectively,
  2. Press Fn+Home to enter programming mode
  3. Reapeatedly press a single key, and it will rotate through available colours - stop when it is the colour you want
  4. Repeat for all keys
  5. Press Fn+Home again to save it under the selected profile 1 to 5.

Unforutnately, it is not possible to create a macro or re-map a key via the keyboard. For that you need to download the keyboard app from 1stPlayer. I have a short usage guide in my 1stPlayer DK keyboard and mouse review.

The app also allows you to set the 5 customised colour profiles. To do so, you have to set the Light option to Game Mode and choose Color Group 1 to 5.