Forget the complex or manual steps, or costly tools to get screen shots scaled down from a retina display. I have a shell script that triggers an interactive window screen capture, saves the screen shot (assumed to be 2x retina display), re-sizes it to 1x and compresses the PNG further! Best of all, it does not require paid software or Automator.

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I opted to install Grav via the ZIP package, as documented here. My hosting provider does not give me shell access, so I would not be using git or the Grav Package Manager (GPM), but limiting myself to FTP or the cPanel File Manager.

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16 Oct 2015

OS X Terminal Tweaks

macos howto osx bash    

Some tweaks to my OS X shell ( that I've found useful.

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Apache and PHP 5.5.27 are installed already in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, so just a little enabling is required.

Updated 12 Oct 2016: See the slightly updated guide for macOS 10.12 Sierra, which has been updated to Apache 2.4.23 and PHP 5.6.24.

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13 Oct 2015

Why I chose Grav CMS

grav opinion    

In starting this blog, I installed and tested various Blogging and Content Management Systems (CMS), finally settling on Grav. Here's why I like Grav.

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