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C.Y. Wong

I am an I.T. professional, with over 17 years experience as a Consultant, Architect, and most recently Practice Manager. I have worked for the Consulting divisions for two of largest I.T. companies in the world. Currently, I am with a software sales organization at yet another large I.T. company.

CRM and CX

Across Sales, Service and Marketing domains


SaaS implementation and PaaS/IaaS architecture

Contact Center

Legacy and IP Contact Center delivery

App Dev

Win32, C# .NET, Swift, Web, jQuery, whatever

I have a Master of Engineering (MEng) from Imperial College London and a MBA from The University of Nottingham, and I did my A-Levels at Methodist College Belfast, UK.

I can be contacted at
cywong1 [AT] notmybywaysspam [DOT] xcom

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