Not long ago, I was reminded of one of my favourite digital artists, Linda Bergkvist a.k.a. Enayla. I love her macabre yet stunningly beautiful and evocative art, but alas, she’s not posted her art since around 2007. This post is a departure from my usual techie stuff -- it’s just appreciation post!

Sometime around 2007, Linda withdrew her online presence because of horrible internet trolls. I do miss her, and wish she was still inspiring us with her work and sharing her tutorials with us on-line.

A few of her pieces are still on DeviantArt where she was active between 2002-2006. Check out Spoiled (what a vivid, captivating narrative) and Golden (such delicate, translucent lighting).

Enayla / Linda Bergkvist on DeviantArt

Her web site, is defunct (please don’t visit that URL) but fortunately, portions are preserved by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Her site was most active between 2005-2007. For the curious, you can start from the archived home page dated Jan 2007 or simply search for archived JPEG images. on the Internet Archive

Have a look under Jade: Songs Under the Apple Tree, under Azure: Rose of My Innocence under Ruby: shades (IMHO, shades of Muncha) and under Quick: Morning and Evening (her self portait, which is the banner background on this post).

And at least I still have the books she contributed to, Expose and d'Artiste, from Ballistic publishing.

All images or her art and web site belong to Linda Bergkvist