I know this is very late, but I wanted to post two things I noticed with macOS Mojave regarding the new Screenshot.App tool and Dark Mode.


Screenshot and Grab

Mojave has improved the screen shot tool, replacing Grab.app with Screenshot.app. The latter is great because you can capture screen recordings (video)!

But, I also like the simplicity of Grab. I'm also a creature of habit...

So, before I upgraded from High Sierra, just make a copy of Grab.app. Then, copy it back into Applications and it'll still work like before. Here are both running - The menu bar is Grab, the floating toolbar is screenshot:

Mojave's Screenshot.app and High Sierra's Grab.app

Dark Mode or Dark Menu Bar and Dock

Dark Mode. Hmmm. It's either all light or all dark.


I liked High Sierra's "Dark Menu Bar and Dock" since that gave a nice visual separation. So, if you want Dark Mode to revert to this setting (akin to Light Mode with a Dark Menu Bar and Dock), then:

  1. Set your Preferences > Appearance to Light
  2. Open up Terminal and enter:
    defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes
  3. Logout or restart...
  4. Go to Preferences > Appearance and select Dark

To undo, use this command line instead:

defaults delete -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance

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