North Bayou H80 Monitor Mount Review


Since building my Ryzen-based Windows desktop, I have had a bad case of G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. This time I wanted an adjustable monitor mount to fit my old-fashioned computer table. I couldn’t find well written reviews nor a comparison with a similar model, so here is my opinion of the H80 monitor arm (monitor desk stand) by North Bayou.

Disclaimers: I am not a professional reviewer. I have no experience with other mounts. I am not qualified to make recommendations. Although it’s a glowing review, it is not sponsored in any way.

I got the North Bayou H80, as sold on NB’s Amazon store.

North Bayou H80

Image is taken from the NB North Bayou Amazon page linked above, and probably copyright North Bayou

It was a toss up between the North Bayou H80 (H100) v.s. F80 (F100A), but chose the former:

  • The H80 has one vertical pole, and a horizontal segment , that is connected to the “gas strut” monitor arm. The pole provides additional height compared the the other model, but is adjustment is difficult and requires tools. However, I found this design to look cleaner, and provides sufficient clearance over the junk on my desk.
  • The F80 has two sections, the lower is sloped at a fix angle and the upper is the “gas strut” monitor arm. I figured the swivelling lower half meant I couldn’t put anything on my desk, as things would get knocked over when swivelling. Tis model has less pieces and may be easier to adjust, as one does not have to set the height first.


  • Good price! Sure it is not as pretty as say the Ergotron... but it’s budget!
  • All the ergonomic adjustments one would need and a good height range (as mentioned, the positioning on the horizontal pole is pretty much fixed but the arm provides sufficient 260mm height range).
  • Easy to build and pretty easy to adjust.
  • Excellent construction, solid well machined parts with no sharp edges. Even the screw threads are well machined and it’s easy to tighten screws.
  • Two mounting options (C-clamp or bolt-through), two Allen keys and two sets of screws for different monitor mount sizes are provided. Aside: To my utter surprise and delight, once I took my monitor off its stand, the VESA mounting already had screws provided. It would’ve been easy for Lenovo to skimp on these but they didn’t!
  • Cable management, velco and even has slots to keep the Allen keys handy! The plastic cage under the main arm isn’t so pretty, but cables are hidden in the horizontal segment. Still I am amazed at the level of design! Seriously, more expensive alternatives may be nothing but metal pipe.
  • Clear Ikea-style instructions. Well written and illustrated. Plus, there are setup videos on YouTube too.

Speaking of instructions, the manual (extract shown below) is missing a few measurements which I wanted to plan my desk (so O.C.D. I know). So, for anyone interested:

  • the entire base pate is 10 cm wide and 10.5 cm long.
  • the horizontal segment is 19 cm long edge-to-edge and about 4 cm thick at maximum.
  • the monitor arm itself about 35 cm and including the cable management holder, about 7cm thick.

North Bayou H80 Measurements from Installation Instructions

Image from the North Bayou Installation Instructions PDF found online

A few tips:

  • Initially I couldn’t figure out the tensioner adjustment - I rotated it the screw, but the monitor arm would not stay at the level I wanted it at. Here’s the thing - keep rotating! Many, many rotations later, it will. Plus the manual says not to adjust without the monitor mounted. Duh!
  • The horizontal segment and monitor arm are initially bound with a loop of velco. Keep it on, as you can use it to help with cable management. I took it off, and had to remove my monitor to put it back once I realized this.
  • The yellow North Bayou logos are stickers on plastic and can be easily peeled off.