I recently bought a Fujifilm X-E3 interchangeable lens camera to "replace" my Sony NEX-6 (links to DPReview). I'm very happy with the camera and impressed at the plethora of customization options. Here is a table I created to familiarize myself... obviously I like tables!

There are 3 main user experiences that can be customized:

  1. Quick menu - hold down the Q button to customize.
  2. Function buttons - one function button (Fn1), AE-L and AF-L buttons, the Rear Command Dial (when pushed in) and four swipe (flick) gestures (up, left, right, down labeled T-Fn1 through T-Fn4) - hold down the play button to customize.
  3. The My Menu screen - which is the default menu displayed when you hit the Menu OK button.

In addition, there are a items that can be pre-defined, e.g.:

  1. Seven Custom Settings presets, set as a group - e.g. you oculd preset one for "Landscape" and another for "Portrait".
  2. Three ISO settings - the base ISO, max ISO and min shutter speed, which are associated to the seven above (effectively giving you 3x7 configurations)
  3. Three White Balance settings

Fujifilm X-E3 Customizable Quick Menu

The Function Button and Q Menu columns in the table below are the defaults for my camera. My current customizations in the My Settings column, though this evolving as a figure out my "style":

  Can be mapped to function button
  Can be mapped to Q menu
  Preset as a group via Custom Setting
My SettingsFunction ButtonQ Menu
Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4
Image SizeQ
Image QualityQ
Film SimulationQ + Command DialT-Fn2 (flick left ←)
Grain Effect
Dynamic RangeQ
White BalanceQT-Fn3 (flick right →)
Highlight ToneQ
Shadow ToneQ
Noise ReductionQ
Select Custom SettingQ
Focus Area
Focus CheckFn1 (normally)Command Dial
AF ModeQ + T-Fn2 ←T-Fn1 (flick up ↑)
AF-C Custom Settings
Face/Eye Detection SettingT-Fn3 →
MF Assist
Touch Screen Mode
AE Bracket Setting
Photometry [1]Fn1
Shutter TypeT-Fn1 ↑
ISO *QT-Fn4 (flick down ↓)
Wireless CommunicationFn1 in playback
Flash Function SettingQ
Modeling Flash
Flash Compensation
Movie Mode
Mic Level Adjustment
EVF/LCD BrightnessQ
Preview Depth of Field
Preview Exp./WB in Manual ModeAE-L
Preview Pic. Effect
Large Indicators ModeT-Fn4 ↓
AE Lock OnlyAE-L
AF Lock OnlyAF-L [2]
AE/AF Lock
Aperture Setting
Auto Image Transfer
Select Pairing Destination
Bluetooth On/Off
  • Note 1: Photometry is disabled when Face/Eye Detection is turned on.
  • Note 2: In Manual focus mode, AF-L button (set to AF-L) will perform back-button focus by default! Change this only if you want back-button focus in C/S modes - set AF-L to AF-On and change the Shutter AF to Off so that half-pressing the shutter does not focus.

The table above took me over 2 days to create. I home someone will find utility in this!

I also set up My Menu with anything else I may need that is not in the table above, with the aim of minimizing duplication, e.g.

  • AF Illuminator
  • Long Exposure NR
  • Pre-AF
  • Focus Check
  • AF-C Custom Settings - I currently have this on "Set 2 Ignore Obstacles & Continue to Track Subject"

One final note: My Fujifilm X-E3 is running on firmware 1.2, for which the updated 1.2 PDF manual is available on-line:

  • New features in 1.2 include Large Indicators Mode and PC Connection for X Raw Studio (to use the camera's RAW engine while tethered to a PC).
  • New features in 1.1 include Auto Image Transfer and Bluetooth Smartphone Sync. (to sync Location and Time).