Here is my list of free, macOS apps that I have installed and use often. Many are also open source! When I first got my Mac I searched the internet for lists of useful apps but found most outdated. I decided to compile this list as part of a cleanup and "audit" of what's useful IMHO.

- free, open source
- free, closed source
- free on Mac App Store, but who knows, this may change

In no particular order:

System tray:

  • Itsycal - pop up calendar with next 7 days of events
  • Spectacle - to move and re-size windows
  • f.lux - "night shift" mode for macOS (similar functionality is now built into macOS Sierra 10.12.4 thought f.lux is more configurable)
  • Shade - hides desktop icons


Graphics and drawing:

  • ImageOptim - losslessly shrinks PNGs and JPGs with OptiPNG, Jpegtran, etc.
  • GIMP - photo editing and drawing
  • Scribus - Desk Top Publishing
  • Krita - painting
  • MediaBang Paint - painting with tools for comic artists like panels, perspective gridline, etc.


Browsers and networking:

Audio Video:

Updated Feb 2017: A few small additions including Privoxy and Kodi.

Updated April 2017: Both Parallels Desktop Lite and ForkLift 2 seem to be permanently free, but Typeeto is not

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